X pieces in, X more to go

  • Squash plant
  • Fungus I
  • Grasshopper babies on a ginger stalk
  • Butterfly
  • Bindi
  • Fungus II

When I need a break from actual work, I fiddle around with WordPress themes. More often than not, my blog is the guinea pig. In between coats of paint, I modified my theme again to display a wide slideshow. It was tricky testing this out but it seems to be OK on Chrome. I used the :not selector to target :not(.flexslider) elements and set narrower widths for them. Lol I don’t even know how this looks on other browsers (though Can I Use reassures me that it works).

Yeah I’m doing this to furiously ignore the fact that my time is running out and I’m so nervous about showing that if I pay attention to that feeling I’d probably give myself a stroke.

Been living in my head and in our garden while producing this show. Rom and I haven’t left the house either, save for the occasional errand or work meeting. Our days look the same: wake up, coffee in the garden, paint, lunch, paint, early-bird dinner at 5pm, movie/PS4(Rom)/NDS(me), conk out, repeat ad infinitum. If it weren’t for the calendar, we wouldn’t know what day it was. I love looking into our garden because it’s sort of the only way I know time is passing! We find new things in there nearly every day: flowers, a clump of fungus, a bunch of caterpillars, a sapling from the compost. My favourite discovery would have to be the explosion of about 50 little baby grasshoppers on our ginger plant one morning.

I had a good day today. Talked to the family on Hangouts, Rom and I popped out for a quick ramen lunch, and I cleaned up, varnished, and bubble-wrapped a couple of pieces ready for the gallery tomorrow.