Thing Log

thing log 1

A few things I’m into lately (drawn with my S Note!):

  • Summer is for playing: I was able to revive my Nintento DSi last week after 4 years of it being bricked! Now I’m starting on Harvest Moon Two Towns and an English-patched Gyakuten Kenji 2. Also very tempted to get myself a 3DS (Professor Layton x Phoenix Wright! Animal Crossing! Harvest Moon!) but maybe in a couple of years when it and its games are cheaper.
  • I’ve been cooking a lot with our oven, and my favourite thing to make lately is oven-roasted lamb. I recently found out how simple it is to cook it in our oven as opposed to the outside grill, which is a bitch to clean. Our favourite is the pre-marinated lamb shoulder from Säntis (way cheaper than the lamb chops). I bring them out to room temperature before sticking them in a hot oven for about 20 minutes on each side. Then I eat it with Aromat seasoning, which is probably just MSG.
    I’m also loving shredded cabbage with roasted sesame dressing, which is slowly becoming my replacement for rice.
  • Just realised there’s no #5 in that drawing.
  • Finally, I’m still watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, even if I hated the last episode. Bringing out those childhood pictures of the queens on the runway was the most tasteless and obvious last-ditch attempt at eliciting emotional exhibitionism from the contestants. And since Katya left, the joy has been sucked out of the competition. I always felt she spoke for the audience in the way she ridiculed everything. Ginger is funny and shoots snide remarks that have made me giggle, but unlike Katya or even Bianca, her meanness has no amor. The only (remotely) Ginger-related moment I loved was Miss Fame completely losing her shit over the video message from Ginger’s husband in Untucked (“I’m so happy you found love!!!”).
    I’m only looking forward to the crowning simply cos it’ll signify the end of a weird, lacklustre season. To borrow a line from Ru herself: “And the winner is… who cares!” Hey, I complain because I care.
  • Other things: Our interpreter for Art Fair Tokyo, a very sweet woman named Fumiko, just sent me her okonomiyaki recipe. I thought she’d just list stuff down in an email but she went totally above and beyond and made this step-by-step .pdf file complete with pictures and instructions! She also made sure it can be made with common ingredients found anywhere in the world. How sweet is that! You can view/download it here: okonomiyaki recipe by Fumiko.