A few thoughts on Drag Race, Season 7


My favourite queen (well, out of a meh bunch) got kicked off RuPaul’s Drag Race this week. I was salty about it for a while but I can kind of see how her star quality and hunger for the crown might not be as devastating as the others’. I’m consoling myself with how much Alaska‘s career has taken off, despite (or even indirectly because of) not winning her season.


Nearly everyone’s (/r/rupaulsdragrace + my friends) been commenting how ‘different’ this season is. The most common complaint is the overabundance of unfunnily-written script-focused main challenges. Scripted challenges don’t allow the queens to be naturally funny and come up with their own flavour of comedy that’s more rooted in their character (think the MAC challenge in S01/the book challenge in S02/the perfume challenge in S05 which afforded the queens more freedom to explore a situation). That’s the part of the show people love the most, I think. Hell, I’ll even take fashion challenges over unfunny lines and bad acting. The only episode I really enjoyed and watched more than once was the brilliant Prancing Queens episode: the half-male/half-female drag was genius and the dances themselves were entertaining.

I also really miss the Interior Illusions Lounge now. At first the Untucked episodes were all intriguing and gritty, backstage real shit, but now I’m all, “Bring back the obviously edited fights with metallic sound effects in the gold lamé lounge!”

This season’s taken time to endear itself. Usually by Snatch Game, I’m obsessed with a queen or two, but this year: bupkis. And there’s only 4 girls left.

After Katya’s departure I’m rooting for Violet Chachki, who has grown on me considerably, although many predict Ginger Minj will win since these challenges seem set up expressly for her victory.

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