June 2015

X pieces in, X more to go

When I need a break from actual work, I fiddle around with WordPress themes. More often than not, my blog is the guinea pig. In between coats of paint, I modified my theme again to display a wide slideshow. It…

  • Squash plant
  • Fungus I
  • Grasshopper babies on a ginger stalk
  • Butterfly
  • Bindi
  • Fungus II

May 2015


Birds I saw this week during morning coffee: A bluish kingfisher (!!) perched on the telephone wire (tried snapping a photo but I was too far); A small red-breasted bird, gathering dried bamboo leaves; Our regular visitors, the olive-backed sunbirds,…

Thing Log

A few things I’m into lately (drawn with my S Note!): Summer is for playing: I was able to revive my Nintento DSi last week after 4 years of it being bricked! Now I’m starting on Harvest Moon Two Towns…

A few thoughts on Drag Race, Season 7

My favourite queen (well, out of a meh bunch) got kicked off RuPaul’s Drag Race this week. I was salty about it for a while but I can kind of see how her star quality and hunger for the crown…

April 2015

Pig in a poke

Pig in a poke — a phrase that’s been around since the Middle Ages (!), related to the expression ‘letting the cat out of the bag’, has many equivalents in different languages, and the name of the game show on…